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"Regular exercise was not part of my busy life – until I started working out with Mary Margaret. I realized how much I needed to increase my flexibility, balance, and cardio conditioning as well as my bone density. As a Personal Trainer, Mary Margaret taught me to focus on my problem areas and helped me deal with some painful areas of my back and hips. I found that with Mary Margaret’s proper advice, doing muscle stretches and exercises routinely even a few minutes a day, is the only way to be more physically active as we all would like to be. Thank you Mary Margaret."

/// Hilla Irani, M.D.

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"I have been with Mary Margaret for over 7 years now. Due to a string of injuries over the years, Mary Margaret has become an extension of my physical therapy programs and is integral in motivating me while I make some important lifestyle changes in regards to nutrition and exercise to aid the healing process. It's been amazing how she can adjust our workouts to accommodate my injuries, yet still strengthen and tone my muscles while my various body parts healed. I highly recommend her services."

/// Jeannine Bogard

"When Tom and I decided to join the gym, we knew that we needed guidance if we were to have an effective workout. Mary Margaret evaluated us, listened to our goals and then gave us a program, which included diet, strength training, and cardio. She worked with us to make sure we did the exercises properly. In two months we have gained strength, feel so much better, and have both lost a full size on our clothes. Mary Margaret understands her clients' needs and designs a program that will work best for them. We are very pleased."

/// Tom & Jackie Glowacki

Mary Margaret Lanning Nutrition Consultation
Overall Fitness & Nutrition Personal Training

"I'm the kind of person that even if I belong to a gym I will find a reason to be too busy to go. I have found that I look forward to my appointments with Mary Margaret, she is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and helpful. I have been working with Mary Margaret for over a year, inches of fat have disappeared and ripples of muscle are appearing. In our house Mary Margaret is a "family thing" my children work with her too which has motivated all of us to help each other with our physical exercise and nutritional needs."

/// Susan Modic

"Mary Margaret has trained my son and I for nearly eight years now. The longevity of our relationship is the best evidence of the significant improvement I have experienced in the quality of my life. I feel better and have more energy. My increased cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency as well as muscular strength and flexibility have re-ignited my competitive drive. The frequent exercise helps relieve stress and I sleep better. Mary Margaret's nutritional consultations have enabled me to keep my weight and cholesterol both under control. Starting my son out on a path to a healthier lifestyle when he was thirteen has proven to be one of the best things I could have ever done for him."

/// Dennis Lafaver

Mary Margaret Lanning Fitness & Nutrition Assessment
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